Boys Recreational Tournament

Boys Recreational Tournament

Solanco LARS Boys Fall Classic (U10 / U12 / U15 / U19 Teams)
November 6, 2021

U10 – Smith Middle School – 645 Kirkwood Pike, Quarryville, PA 17566

U12/U15/U19 – Solanco High School – 585 Solanco Rd, Quarryville, PA 17566


U10 – Location of Tournament is at Smith Middle School

U12/U15/U19 – Location of Tournament is at Solanco High School

U10 Schedule

U10 Fall 2021

U12 Schedule

U12 Fall 2021

U15/U19 Schedule

U15/U19 Fall 2021

U10 Field Map

U10 Field Map

U12/U15/U19 Field Map

U12/U15/U19 Field Map


Registration deadline is October 25th, 2021

U10/U12 – $250.00 per team

U15/U19 – $275.00 per team

Please mail registration payments to:
C/O Trish Wright
12 Laurel Hill Dr
Quarryville, PA 17566

At the end of the regular season, all teams are placed in a division based upon their league record.

This is a three-game minimum round-robin tournament with teams accumulating points as follows:

Win = 3 points; Scoring Tie = 2 points; Tie = 1 point; Loss = 0 points

Teams are then ranked within their division according to the points they earn. There are no playoffs within a division or with other divisions.

Tie Breakers

If, at the conclusion of division play, there are ties within divisions, ties will be broken as follows:

  1. Total goal differential (Maximum of +3 goals per game)
  2. Least amount of goals allowed
  3. Total goals scored (maximum of 3 per game counted)
  4. Total shut outs achieved
  5. Fewest red cards
  6. Fewest yellow cards
  7. Coin toss


Top 3 teams in each bracket will receive an award.

Length of Games:

Games will be played in halves with a 5-minute halftime:

  • U10/U12 – 15 minute halves
  • U15/U19 – 20 minute halves

Games are “running clock “ without extra time added except when an injury occurs that requires medical attention. Referees have the right to disallow substitutions in the final two minutes of a match.

Games are on a tight schedule, so please make sure that your team is ready to take the field ten minutes prior to your scheduled start time. There will not be any warm-up time on the field.


Besides the usual substitution times (goal kick, restart after a goal is scored, half time), on throw-ins, the team without possession may substitute players as long as the team with possession is substituting players.